Venezuela: Maduro regime will be a “facto government” since 2019

Venezuela: regime de Maduro será um “governo de fato” desde 2019

MERCOPRESS “Academics of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) debated between December 20 and 26 on the constitutional end of Nicolás Maduro’s office term between 2014-2019 and propose three clear lines against the question of the oath of office on the 10th of January. The new period (2019-2025) won’t be recognized by the International Community.

The new term of office will not be recognized by the Venezuelan opposition and part of the international community when it considers the elections that took place in 2018 “fraudulent,” according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. This position echoed in several Latin American countries and the European Union (EU), where the European Parliament’s main parties demanded the suspension of the elections because “this process does not guarantee fair elections”, declared on May the high representative of the EU for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini”…

Para ler a notícia completa acesse MERCOPRESS

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