Líderes da União Europeia concordaram na quinta-feira em prolongar as sanções econômicas contra a Rússia, por causa da turbulência na Ucrânia, até o final de janeiro de 2020, disse um porta-voz do bloco. A UE primeiro impôs sanções à Rússia depois que Moscou anexou a Criméia da Ucrânia em março de 2014 e apoiou rebeldes que combatiam as tropas de Kiev no leste do país. Esse conflito, que matou 13.000 pessoas, ainda está fervendo!

As sanções da Rússia foram unanimemente prorrogadas por mais seis meses por causa da falta de implementação dos Acordos de Minsk“, disse o porta-voz, Preben Aamann, referindo-se a um acordo de paz para o leste da Ucrânia.


“European Union leaders agreed on Thursday to prolong economic sanctions against Russia over the turmoil in Ukraine until the end of January 2020, a spokesman for the bloc said. The EU first slapped sanctions on Russia after Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 and supported rebels fighting Kiev troops in the east of the country. That conflict, which killed 13,000 people, is still simmering.

“Russia sanctions unanimously extended for another six months because of a lack of Minsk Agreements implementation,” said the spokesman, Mr Preben Aamann, referring to a stalled peace accord for east Ukraine.

The downing in east Ukraine in July 2014 of a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane led to a toughening of the EU’s response to the crisis. All 298 people aboard, many of them Dutch, perished.

A Dutch-led international investigative team on Wednesday said three Russians and a Ukrainian will face murder charges for bringing down the MH17 flight.

EU leaders also gave their “full support for all efforts to establish truth, justice and accountability for the victims and their next of kin”.

Their joint statement called on Russia to “cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation”.

The EU’s economic sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine include curbs on Russian energy, defense and financial sectors, and are currently in place until the end of July. The formal rollover will take place in the coming days”…