Com certeza os agrotóxicos que usamos aqui são um grande problema para a exportação de alimentos para não só a União Europeia.

Eu aconselho a você Exportador de alimentos ter o maior cuidado com o tipo de pesticida que usa na sua lavoura se o seu objetivo é exportar ! Se quiser fidelizar clientes, etc.

Brazil’s agriculture minister on Tuesday defended a record number of pesticide and weedkiller approvals this year, saying the government was not “putting poison on anyone’s plate.”

The remarks by Tereza Cristina, who is close to the country’s powerful agribusiness industry, come as Brazil faces growing criticism over deforestation in the Amazon and its heavy use of toxic farming products.

Both issues could create problems for a free trade agreement between Mercosur trade bloc, that includes Brazil, and the European Union.

“We can’t terrorize Brazilian consumers or external consumers from more than 162 countries that import Brazilian products,” Cristina told journalists, claiming Brazil’s reputation was being “denigrated”.

”We have different cultures, different climates (to other countries), and Brazil does not use anything that can’t be used.“…

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