Protests erupt in Brazil as Rousseff confirms Lula da Silva as chief of staff

O Brasil está passando por uma séria crise política. 

Nós, brasileiros, queremos um país democrático, sem desigualdade social, sem corrupção, com educação.

Police said 2,500 people demonstrated outside the presidential palace in the capital of Brasilia and others flocked to Sao Paulo’s main Avenue Paulista. Dozens of opposition lawmakers interrupted a session of Congress, chanting for Rousseff to resign.

Lula has immunity from all but the Supreme Court after his nomination as Rousseff’s chief of staff was published in a special edition of the Official Gazette. State prosecutors had charged him with money laundering and fraud, and asked for his arrest.

Federal Judge Sergio Moro, who oversees the sprawling corruption investigation, said in a court filing released on Wednesday that the phone conversation showed Lula and Rousseff considered trying to influence his enquiry… (MERCOPRESS)

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